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R2 Mega + comes from R2 Mega but evolved with R3 technology! A brand new machine!

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R2 Mega has evolved to a new machine!
With introduction of R3, many advantages are propagated from R3 to R2. And now we had a new type of R2 Mega, we call it R2 Mega Plus.
Comparing with R2 mega, we have bellow improvements:
1. The frame including extruder is changed to  aluminum-polymer, which is more beautiful and firm.
2. The building platform is made of metal, which is much more stable.
3. The heated bed is integrated with the building platform, making the bed more compact and easy to leveling.
4. The mainboard is change to a compacted one, which is more stable and powerful. (available after mid of Jan)
5. A new hanging rack is designed,  clean, neat and firm.
All of these features makes the R2 Mega Plus into a brand new machine! Meanwhile, the price is still kept in a relative low level!
热床 heatedBed  printing1 printing2   R3 PCB
Like other machines, we send printers in 2 status:

1. Half-assembled — Extruder, building platform, printing head, sliders are assembled, except the frame. This is to save the shipping cost and bring joys that assemble and testing the printer. This is preferred way of shipping especially for foreign customers.

2. Fully-assembled — Assembled and tested printer. This is best preferred option regardless the shipping cost.

Bellow is the description for half-assembled machine. For other product options, they are the same configuration except the assembly status:

The colors of filaments are random sent !!!

3D printer DIY kit! + Software + 1 roll of filament ( ABS or PLA ) + LCD Interface + heated build platform + Accessories
 Delivery immediately after payment (delivery time currently about 3-7 days)
3.0 mm filament / space 310x 210 x 400 mm / layer thickness (Z -axis) of 0.1 to 0.05 mm
1 4G SD card with complete necessary software ( Cura ) and manual in English , pressure profiles and numerous print templates
Accessories ( power cord, USB cable, SD card, small tools , replacements, etc.)
The offered for sale 3D printer is now in halfly assembled status.
It operates on the principle of FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication ) with plastic filaments.  It may ABS , PLA, PVA and other common materials such as nylon , LAYWOO -D3 , HIPS, FPE , etc. can be used .
The hardware and software of the 3D printer is suitable for printing accelerated ( acceleration ), thereby accurately driving speeds of more than 300 mm / sec. be achieved.
We enclose a self-created SD card, which all required drivers and software ( for Windows or Mac) , and contains the manual, to allow quick and easy access .
For questions please contact us and swiftly using the message system available
 The fully half-assembled 3D printer comes with the following equipment :
· joysmaker printer R2 half-assembled kit(extruder, building platform, printing head, sliders are assembled, except the frame. This is to save the shipping cost and bring joys that assemble and testing the printer)). This 3.0 mm plastic filaments may be used (for example, ABS, PLA , PVA, Nylon , …).
 · Assemble user guide.
· Heated aluminum platform coated with temperature control. Print without Raft possible!
· LCD display with keyboard interface (operation without a computer )
· Attenuated fan noise by installing silent fans ( about 50-55 dB corresponds to approximately a normal conversation , room volume )
· 1 filament bracket to the back of the device , whereby a reliable and elegant material supply is ensured
· Electronics based on Joysmaker Mighty board. Print without a computer from SD card !
· Included 4GB SD card
· Tools kit with all necessary maintenance tools such as allen key
· Includes USB cable, power cable
· SD card with drivers , software, field-proven pressure profiles and multiple print templates
· Quick Start Guide
 Generously sized , heated build platform
The 3D printer has a large heated platform (300x 200 mm) , will hold the pressure for pressure …
It can be printed with or without raft . Through the heated platform i.d.R. can to dispense with a raft , resulting in a lot of plastic material can be saved that would otherwise be wasted.
( A raft is a plastic layer, which is produced before the actual printing , and in which the model is being printed. A raft is especially warping , that is, the bending up of the edges of the model prevent . Warping results from too rapid cooling of the plastic material ( particularly with ABS) and the resulting shrinkage. )
Easy to use
Insert the SD card into the card slot , select the gcode and you start printing !
Or connect the 3D printer via USB to your computer.
On the LCD display , you can always track the status of the current print job .
The motherboard has a built in USB port so you can easily connect the device with the USB cable supplied with your computer. By limit switches on each axis (X, Y , Z) you never have to align the XYZ axes by hand. When you start the print job , the printer will align , heat up and begin to automatically print itself . All you have to do is sit back and relax while the printer does all the work . Life in the future is awesome. Ah yes, the electronics are fully in the casing , so that not all dangling wires. This makes transporting the 3D printer hassle free.
Hit the ground running ! Assistance with problems and questions
For quick and easy initial setup of the printer we at an all-inclusive bundle consisting of quick-start guide and SD card with drivers , software, field-proven pressure profiles and two printed documents ( for Windows PCs or Mac).
Where difficulties or questions, we are happy to help via email or phone support on.
 Some technical specifications of the 3D printer :
· Interface : Print through USB or print from SD card
· Dimensions: 338 X 445 X 540 mm (L x W x H)
· Huge space : 210x 310 x 400 mm (L x W x H)
· Heated build platform up to max. 120 ° C.
Extruder temperature up to max . 260 ° C
· Temperature sensor for accurate temperature measurement (extruder and platform)
· Works with 110V and 230V power supply
· Production accuracy in the XY plane : about 0,1 – 0,2 mm
· Layer height ( resolution in the Z direction ) of each printed item is 0.05 – 0,2 mm (adjustable)
· Allows you to print with ABS , PLA, PVA and other common materials
· Material diameter from 2.8~3.0 mm
· Attenuated fan noise by installing silent fans ( about 50-55 dB corresponds to approximately a normal conversation , room volume )
Cura is a cross-platform software (Mac, Windows , Linux) , with a simple way of 3D printers can be controlled. Likewise, pressure profiles can be ( GCode ) created and copied to SD card to print without a computer directly to the LCD interface .
A brief overview of the features :
· Import of following types of files : STL files , GCode files , OBJ (experimental) , Collada (experimental)
· Conversion of data into printable GCode
· Processing of model data
· Dynamic 3D preview of the objects to be printed
· Allows changes and adjustments to the 3D model before printing (eg, move, rotate , zoom in / out , mirrors , etc.)
· Allows manual control and monitoring of the 3D printer ( control of the XYZ axes and extruder motor with selectable speeds , extruder temperature , platform temperature , calibration)
· It can be printed with or without Raft
· Also, ” floating” parts such as balls can be printed , because the software generates a substructure, which is easily separated after printing ( break points ) .
· Advanced: Any printing parameters can be adjusted manually and stored as individual profiles ( print speeds , flow rate , layer construction , filling, backing material , etc.)
· Advanced: Access to the internal motherboard settings
· Curais being developed as open source software , 100 % Hack Ability
 Our customers are thrilled !
Thingiverse is the ” universe of things” , downloaded free of charge from the hundreds of 3D models and of course can be printed out immediately !
A community that you can share your joys and ask for answers and help about our 3D printer.
Thousands of 3D models for free. Download and open with 3d software like Rhino 3d and export it as an STL and print .
Or even a little design in Rhino , Sketchup or 3dMax and export them as STL and print .
Scope of delivery:
· 3D printer ( with LCD interface,  heated build platform , blue light LED Tuning with switch)
· Tools Kit
· SD card
· AC power cord
· USB cable
· BONUS: 1kg 3.0 mm ABS Filament role or on request 1 kg PLA filament
· E -mail support
· Quick Start Guide
· SD CARD with drivers , software, test gcode files and manual
Processing time and shipping time is 5-8 working days after receipt of payment .
We can assure you the quality of the printer.  We don’t provide a VAT invoice, we only have a common invoice.
We can issue an invoice them happy .
We carries a 1 year warranty on our products and we will of course help you with problems.
We are the manufacturer
. Please contact us if you want to resell our products in large quantities . If you are a potential major customer , we are also happy to visit you and provide our products to .

Additional Information

Weight 34 kg
Dimensions 450 x 360 x 660 cm

半组装, 整机


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