JoysMaker R3! Now on sale!

JoysMaker R3! Now on sale!

Our new machine is ready for pre-order now. Estimated shipping leading time will be 1~2 weeks. And after sometime, we will be able to deliver massive orders.

This new R3 machine is graceful, automatic, considerate and more stable, faster, accuracy than ever before.

The machine is in assembled and tested status. With the machine, we will send you one roll of filament PLA by default. And of course the user guide(electronic version for the moment), tools, software, power cable, 2G SD card, spare accessories, tapes, with firm packaging. So when you got the machine with simple steps you will be able to print your models!


机器参数图片_600 IMG20141022163902_800 IMGP1608_new_600 IMGP1628_new_600 IMGP1630_new_600 IMGP1626_new_600 IMGP1641_600 IMGP1625_600 IMGP1621_600 IMGP1618_600 IMGP1614_600 IMGP1611_new_600 IMGP1609_600


More pictures and videos will come! Please be patient!

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