JoysMaker DLP 3D printer is ready!

JoysMaker DLP 3D printer is ready!


After several months hard work, 3Djoy Tech’s 1st DLP machine is ready to sell! Here comes the parameters:


Product Name DLP-R1 3D Printer
Product Size 700×200×350mm
Package Size 765×263×403mm
Gross Weight 20KG
Frame material Metal
Motor German microstepping motor
PowerSupply 220~110V/50Hz
Max Printing Size 100*70*170(L/W/H)
Layer thickness 0.05mm
Filament Photosensitive resin
Filament weight 1KG
Connectivity USB
Slicing software CreationWorkshop
Supported Model types STL
OS Windows/Linux/Mac

Max printing volume is 102x77x170mm,with layer thickness 0.1mm, you can print very complex models but with very exquisite details, smooth surface and makes your printings very lovable. You can also tune your layer thickness between 150um~50um to meet your different accuracy requirement.

The quick flashing technology combined with projector and other accurate mechanisms which lead to the very fast, stable, accurate printing, which is much better than many FDM 3D printer. Meanwhile the noise is very low and operation is simple. With the same accuracy setting, DLP printing is more accurate than  FDM printing. Bellow is the comparing of  DLP(left) and FDM(right) with the same declared accuracy level.对比


Photos of Printers:




Inner parts:

t1-1 t2-1 t3-1     未标题-1





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