JoysMaker R2 mega evolved into R2 mega plus!

JoysMaker R2 mega evolved into R2 mega plus!

R2 Mega has evolved to a new machine!

With introduction of R3, many advantages are propagated from R3 to R2. And now we had a new type of R2 Mega, we call it R2 Mega Plus.
Comparing with R2 mega, we have bellow improvements:
1. The frame including extruder is changed to  aluminum-polymer, which is more beautiful and firm.
2. The building platform is made of metal, which is much more stable.
3. The heated bed is integrated with the building platform, making the bed more compact and easy to leveling.
4. The mainboard is change to a compacted one, which is more stable and powerful. (available after mid of Jan)
5. A new hanging rack is designed,  clean, neat and firm.
All of these features makes the R2 Mega Plus into a brand new machine! Meanwhile, the price is still kept in a relative low level!
热床 heatedBed  printing1 printing2   R3 PCB
But the price is not changed much!
Check it out in our on line shop.
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