High Resolution

High resolution Z axis, combined with big reduction ratio gear, joysmaker can print as thin as 0.02MM per layer, this is amazing and can not reachable with other printers。

The rational lies here, joysmaker use 1/16 step motor with 1.8 degree deviation angle, i.e 3200 electronic pulses for a circle.  And each electronic pulse combined with the reduction ratio gear, will lead to the very micro control of the extruding amount, and finally will determine the minimum resolution. 

One Typical Architecture:
Steps Per E:     100.323
Extruding amount/pulse:    0.0099mm
Extruding amount/circle:    31.89mm

Steps Per E:     865.888
Extruding amount/pulse:0.0011mm
Extruding amount/circle    3.69mm
Resolution 9 Times higher

Meanwhile, JoysMaker used Germany technology to manufactured the unique knurling feeding axis, which is the powerful heart of the whole 3D printer. This is a key different between our printer with the others.

This type of feeding axis have small friction force and will break your filaments easily.

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